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Does Your Pet Have Hidden Pain?

As our pets ages or following injury, our companions may be living with pain. Recognizing Pain In Veterinary medicine, we borrow a lot of our knowledge about pain from human medicine. We, of course, cannot ask our pets if they hurt. So it is up to you, the caretaker, to be able to recognize the signs of pain in your pet. Older pets can have pain from a variety of causes, but there are some that are the most comm

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Scared Pooch? Healthy Tails Retreat Can Help!

There is a myriad of reasons that cause dogs to become frightened – some are rational and others we do not always understand. At the top of the list are fireworks and thunderstorms, but dogs can also become frightened when separated from their owners, confronting unfamiliar objects and animals, or when meeting people they don’t know. The most common symptoms of a frightened dog are urination, shaking and whimperi

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