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Come And Visit The Healthy Tails Store

At Healthy Tails, we know there are a wide variety of products available for our pets. It can be difficult to find the right products for your pets. Healthy Tails have stocked our Store with all sorts of great things for your dog. Have they been extra good? Then they deserve a special dog treat. Are they bored with their dog toys, let us help you find a new one they will enjoy. Everything in our Shop has been carefully selected, and given the PAWS UP rating by our own dogs. Shop for dog treats, dog toys, special gourmet cookies, food puzzle toys, dental treats, grooming supplies, shampoos, training supplies, leashes, collars, harnesses and much more.

Finding The Perfect Treat

Each of our treats are carefully selected to meet your pets special needs.  Are they on a special diet?  Do you prefer Grain Free?  We have a treat for that!  Are you looking for a small yummy treat for training time?  Does your dog get bored with the same old treats?  Our Special Trained Staff will be able to help you choose the Perfect Treat for your Four-Legged Friend.

Toys For Tough Chewers

Could your dog win a contest on how fast they can destroy a new toy?  They are not alone, and at the Healthy Tails Shop we carry whole lines of toys for dogs we call the “tough chewers”. We also have toys for average and light chewers as well. Need help picking the perfect toy? Stop by, we would love to help.

Food Puzzle Toys, Keep Their Days Interesting

Dogs and Cats, if they are allowed to roam free, will spend much of their day on a food-seeking mission. Almost the whole day will be filled with; Stalking, Digging, Hunting and Gnawing. Animal Behavior experts tell us that when we keep our pets in our houses for most of the day, they get bored and can even start destructive behaviors. A great way enriches their lives is to feed their dry food or treats in a Food Puzzle Toy. These specially designed toys need to be flipped, flopped, turned or twisted to deliver the food. Because our pets are so smart, we recommend you own several to keep challenging them every day.

Gourmet Dog Cookies

Your dog deserves a special treat.  How about some Homemade Gourmet Cookies?  We have special Happy Birthday Bones, fun shapes and seasonal cookies.  The Gourmet Cookies at the Healthy Tails Shop are all natural with yogurt frosting.  Grain free cookies are also available.  These cookies will make your mouth water and your dog jump for joy.

Gift Baskets For Special Occasions

New Puppy in your life?  We can help them get off to a great start with a New Puppy Gift Basket.  The basket is filled with treats, soft snuggle toy, and even a Training Book to help you make them the smartest dog on the block.  We make custom gift baskets for dogs of every age and for every occasion.  We can even ship them to that special Grand Dog. Send a little love their way.

Training Supplies

Training your dog is fun and rewarding with training supplies from Healthy Tails Shop. Let us help fit your dog with our special collars, harnesses and head halters to help you have a great no-pull walk? Do you need clickers and treat bags for Positive Reward Training Time? Check out these items and more at Healthy Tails Store