Dog Grooming and Spa Services

Special pets deserve special treatment. There is nothing like a trip to the spa to make a pet look and feel wonderful.

At Healthy Tails Retreat; we are the pampering experts! With our Gentle Touch Techniques, we make sure grooming, brushing, and nail trims are performed with your pets’ comfort as our first priority. At Healthy Tails Retreat, we specialize in basic or advanced, stress-free spa services.


At Healthy Tails Retreat a day of grooming is a day of fun for your pet. We take play breaks along with lots of treats and cuddles, if your pet is scared we find a way to help them relax, you will not find muzzles or force techniques used at Healthy Tails. When you pick up your pet, you will find a happy, well-groomed pet, looking forward to going home, but always glad to come back to their Home Away from Home at Healthy Tails Retreat.


At Healthy Tails Retreat our De-shedding techniques can help to minimize the amount of hair your pet sheds. With a special combination of brushing and bathing, much of the loose hair can be removed from your pet. Help your pet look and feel wonderful, with monthly visits. We can help conquer those piles of hair that your pets leave for you around the house.


Water therapy is great for your pet’s skin and hair. Not only does it remove the dirt and extra oils that accumulate over time. With the proper shampoo choice, bathing can be a great way to help control a whole variety of skin problems. At Healthy Tails Retreat we approach each bath as a great opportunity to improve your pet’s health. Are you worried about your pet’s skin and hair? Request a Veterinary evaluation before they are bathed With this evaluation, a special bathing protocol will be designed for your pet. We use a combination of medicated shampoos and high-end grooming products to give your pet healthy skin and hair while looking and smelling great.

Scratching, Itching and Special Medical Conditions

Does your Dog Scratch and itch? Are they licking their feet? Is their coat dry and thin? At Healthy Tails Retreat we know one of the quickest ways to relieve their discomfort is with a special medicated bath. Our Veterinary designed program combines bathing with medications that you give at home, to help even pets that have suffered from allergies for years to be more comfortable.