Vet Services

At Healthy Tails Retreat, we believe Veterinary visits don’t have to be filled with stress and fear. It starts with our home-like atmosphere where both you and your pet can relax. We use effective calming techniques which will help to reduce the stress and anxiety your pet may feel during their exam. All our treatments are designed just for your pet, using a gentle and caring approach.

The health of your pet is important, and Preventative Healthcare is important. Each pet should have a plan based on their age, lifestyle, behavior, and nutritional needs. At Healthy Tails, we will help you design a custom program unique for your pet.

This plan will include vaccinations and treatments to help maintain ultimate health along with therapies to treat any existing conditions. Nutrition is important; we can help find a diet for your special pet. If you are interested in trying some Alternative Therapies, we can help you match therapies to disorders.

Healthy Tails Retreat was specially designed to help reduce the normal fear pets have when they visit the veterinary clinic. In our exam rooms, you will not find the cold stainless steel tables, so many pets fear. We are flexible about where we perform the exams, many times you will find us sitting on the floor or even holding the pets in our laps. When it comes time for vaccinations or anything that might be a little uncomfortable we pull out the treats. Is the pet going to stay with us for a few hours, no stainless steel cages here? They will be invited to relax on a soft blanket in a suite with a glass door while watching a pet-friendly TV show.

We would love to help you with the following health concerns;

  • Vaccinations – Home of the Complimentary Bath with Vaccinations.
  • Treatments for skin, ear and hair problems. We especially like helping with conditions that have been frustrating for you the pet owner and annoying for the pet. Itching, Yeast Infections, Licking Feet, Ear Infections, Dry Flaky Skin, and Matted Hair.
  • Pain treatments including K-Laser Therapy. Whether the pain comes from a new injury or arthritis pain. We can help. With a combination of medication, dietary therapy, supplements, laser treatments and whirlpool we can help your dog feel better.
  • Protection from Heartworms, Fleas, and Ticks, and Internal Parasites.
  • Nutrition counseling for food selection.

Below, our staff at Healthy Tails Retreat has provided some tips for lessening your pet’s anxiety at their next veterinary appointment. These tips will not only help your pet’s anxiety but yours as well!

Come For A Fun Visit First

Anytime pets go to a new place they can be a little nervous. At Healthy Tails, we encourage fun visits for you and your pet. We will spoil them with treats and allow them to investigate all of the new smells. After the fun visits, the pets will be much more relaxed when it is time for their check-up and vaccinations.

Mock exams can help prepare your pet and help find problems

When your pet is at home you can simulate the procedures we will do during their exam. Lift their ears and take a look inside. Check their teeth; don’t forget to brush them to help keep the tarter from building up. Play with their feet working with the nails one at a time. All of these things with help them relax during their physical exam and help you keep a look-out for problems that might be developing. Many of our pets problems are first found by their pet parents on these home exams.

Bring Your Pet Hungry To Their Exam

We love to use treats to help our exams go smoothly. Bring along your pet’s favorite treat, or we can find one at the Retreat that they enjoy. Is your pet not a treat eater, or on a special diet? Our staff loves to give praise, pets, and hugs. We will find a way to help them relax.

What Should Your Dog Have For A Healthy Life

  • Annual Heartworm testing
  • Heartworm Preventative
  • Internal Parasite Testing and treatment if necessary
  • Flea and Tick protection
  • Reproductive Plan (spay or neuter if not breeding)
  • Dental Monitoring and care daily
  • Training and behavior recommendations
  • Dietary Recommendations
  • Appropriate identification in case they are lost (microchip)
  • Immunizations based on their lifestyle including
    •Rabies Virus
    •Canine Distemper virus
    •Canine ParvoVirus
    •Bordetella vaccinations