Pet Hotel Services

Healthy Tails Retreat, we offer much more than Pet Boarding, we offer vacations for your furry loved ones.

Now when you leave town, your pets can stay at their own special hotel in pampered comfort. Our ultimate goal, from our veterinarian to all of our staff, is to provide one-on-one personal care for your pet.

We strive to reduce the fear or stress caused by being separated from you and their home. Our unique home-like atmosphere provides them an open and welcome stress-free home away at Healthy Tails Retreat.

Our team helps cats and dogs remain calm while staying with us. We’re animal lovers through and through and have made this our primary career. We have a strong background in animal care, including veterinary and medicinal care. If your pet has special needs we are happy to accommodate.

How Healthy Tails Retreat Is Different

At Healthy Tails Retreat, we pride ourselves on being so much more than just a boarding facility. Our luxurious Pet Hotel rooms are large enough for pet members of the same family to stay in the same Hotel Room. Each room has been custom designed for your dog or cats comfort. Full glass doors allow them to see out and watch their friends. A TV in each room provides soothing images and music to help them relax. We invite you to bring their bed, blankets, toys; everything to make sure they have every comfort.Are they on a special diet? Have medications? Need special treats? We will accommodate their every need.

Every day our dogs are taken out 5 times throughout the day to the Fenced Pet Patio for exercise and necessary breaks. There, our Pet Companions play with them and assure they are safe and having fun. Does your dog love other dogs and want to make some new friends while on vacation? Doggie Daycare (Dog Camp) is available at a special reduced price for our hotel guests. Our Pet Companions and Hotel Managers are experts at evaluating dogs and determining their personality. With our careful screening process dogs are introduced to other dogs with similar personalities. Quiet dogs with other quiet dogs, playful dogs with other playful dogs. Dogs love to make new friends.

Does your dog need a little extra pampering while they stay at the Hotel? Schedule them a Spa Day. Our Grooming, Bathing, De-Shedding, relaxing whirlpool or Massage will pamper them while they stay and have them looking and smelling amazing when they go home.

Whether you are going out of town for a few hours or a few days, Healthy Tails Retreat will have a room waiting for your companion. While we can’t replace you, our staff is committed to making your pets feel safe and loved, just as they are at home.

Taking Boarding To The Next Level

We treat your pets as our family, caring for their health and happiness. When you travel, your pets will miss you. At Healthy Tails Retreat our goal is to take their mind off of your absence by making them feel at home. This helps your dog or cat to maintain a balance of health (physically and psychologically). Do you think your dog suffers from anxiety when they are not with you? We have some special help. Talk to Dr. Margaret, she had several options to help them relax and enjoy their visit.

Give Healthy Tails Retreat a call at (712) 246-2310 the next time you’re scheduled to travel. We’re always thrilled to talk about your pets and are here to answer any question you may have.

We promise your pet will love us just as much as you will.

What to bring for your Pet’s Stay;

  • Food and Directions for Feeding
  • Medications and directions for Administering
  • Bed and Blankets (we have blankets, but feel free to bring something that smells like home)
  • Special toys or chews
  • Special treats
  • Vaccination Records, We require;
    A. Distemper Parvo Vaccination
    B. Rabies Vaccination
    C. Bordetella Vaccination (Kennel Cough)