FAQs Regarding Boarding, Vet and Spa Services at Healthy Tails Retreat

At Healthy Tails Retreat, we are knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to all your pet’s needs. Below are a few of the questions we are frequently asked about our facility, our services, and pet issues in general.

What To Expect

We have everything your pet needs for their stay with us, but some things will make them feel more at home.

  1. Food-. A change in diet can cause GI upset, especially when they are stressed. At Healthy Tails, we invite you to bring your regular food and treats
  2. Favorite blanket, bed, and toy.– Healthy Tails invites you to bring your pets favorite things to help them feel at home. Remember sometimes pets will chew their belongings so make sure you do not bring anything that can’t be replaced.
  3. Food and water bowls- Healthy Tails has bowls, and you do not need to bring bowls unless there is some medical reason they need a special bowl.

We love to give tours and invite you to stop by anytime and let us show you around. We also encourage you to bring your pet for a get acquainted visit before they stay with us. We want all of you to be comfortable when they come for their pet vacation.

Healthy Tails Retreat has a veterinarian on Staff who supervises your pet’s stay. If there are any problems while they are staying with us, we will contact you and discuss what the best therapeutic approach to take. If your pet has fragile healthy discuss their stay with your regular veterinarian.

Medications are important, and it is important that they are given just like at home. Bring all required medication with detailed directions for their administration.

At Healthy Tails, we know allowing the Dogs to get out and exercise is important to keep them happy and maintain good potty habits. Each dog goes out at least 5 times a day for exercise and necessary breaks. For active dogs, we recommend adding Dog Camp to your stay to allow more time to stretch their legs and make new friends. Whether it is a slow walk around our pet patio for our senior dogs or a game of chase and fetch for our active pets, we will discuss what level of exercise your pet desires when you make your pet reservation.

Common Pet Issues Questions

Good social skills are learned from the time our dogs are very young. We highly recommend every puppy enroll in a Puppy Kindergarten Class to introduce them to other dogs and begin to learn good social skills. It is important from the beginning you introduce your dog to many different things – while on walks in the park, a trip around the block or a visit to pet-friendly stores all help them to be more comfortable and at ease with other dogs. Even older pets can learn better social skills, enroll them in a basic training class to keep their social skills sharp. You may discover that your dog has talents you never imagined, but the keyword is ‘exposure’ – to different settings and to different people.

Communication with your dog is important for both of your happiness. Rewarding your dog when they respond to your directions helps them to learn that good stuff happens when they follow your lead. Talk to a dog trainer to learn more about Positive Clicker Training Technique.

Additional Questions?

Do you have questions that are not listed above?  If so, call us at (712) 246-2310, we love to chat about our four-legged friends.