Does Your Pet Have Hidden Pain?

As our pets ages or following injury, our companions may be living with pain. Here are some signs that your pet may have hidden pain.

  • Difficulty getting up after sleeping
  • Slow or reluctance to go upstairs or get into the car
  • Not wanting to play active games
  • Laying down when going on walks
  • Stiff or unusual walk

If you suspect your pet may be in pain, it is time to talk to a Veterinarian. At Healthy Tails Retreat the first thing we will do a multi-step evaluation. This will include evaluating how they walk, doing a neurological examination, evaluating their muscle tone, reviewing their weight, reviewing their diet. Important in our process is talking to you the pet parents, what are you seeing at home? Then together we will come up with a plan on how to manage the Pain.

Each pet will have their own individual plan, but each will include a Nutritional piece (food and supplements), a physical therapy piece (using our Therapeutic Laser, whirlpool tub, and Massage) and a pharmacological piece (medications to reduce inflammation and block pain).

When a Dog Develops Arthritis

Arthritis is identified as an extremely painful, progressive and incurable disease that can affect humans and their pets. In dogs, this is seen as an inability to move or walk correctly which leads to weight gain, further increasing strain on their joints. Over time, this severely limits their range of movement and negatively impacts the quality of their lives. Please contact us at your earliest convenience so we can help your pet.