Dog Camp

Healthy Tails Retreat asks, “What does your dog want to do today?”

How about going to Dog Camp?

At Healthy Tails Retreat we know that dogs enjoy playing with other dogs, like to learn new things and delight in exploring new surroundings. Dog camp is a blend of fun socializing, active play and interesting training.  Our “Camp Councilors“ will make sure your dog is safe and happy while they enjoy camp.

At Healthy Tails Retreat, we know that not all dogs play the same.  We put together three different play groups based on each dog’s preference.

Which group would your dog enjoy?

  • Big and Bouncy dogs love to run and chase.  Playing ball and chasing toys is their favorite thing.  This group is our most active dog camp group.
  • Little and Lively dogs also love to run and chase.  This group can be just as energetic as the Big and Bouncy group with lots of time playing active games.
  • Gentle and Quiet dogs like to be around other dogs but would prefer no jumping and rough play.  They would rather investigate new smells, meander slowly around the yard or curl up for some extra petting from a camp counselor.

We encourage our Hotel Guests that enjoy playing with other dogs, to sign up for Dog Camp. (Must be spayed or neutered to participate in dog camp)