About Healthy Tails Retreat

Healthy Tails Retreat was founded by Margaret Brady, DVM who had a vision of a place where pets are cared for in a relaxing, home-like environment and stay in upscale hotel style rooms. Veterinary care would focus on well care and be done using gentle, fear-free techniques. With this vision, Healthy Tails Retreat was born. At Healthy Tails Retreat “We are”

  1. We are a Friendly place for people and pets. We smile, we know people and pets names, we know special needs. We work to accommodate schedules. We are the place to call when you need help with your pets. If we can’t help you, we will find out who can. We care!
  2. Our Guests are Happy Pets. They have soft beds, clean water, food that they like in their bowls. Their TV is on, their room is clean, their belongings are organized, labeled and easy to find. Our guests go outside when they need to stretch and play.
  3. Our Pets look amazing. They have that just been to the Spa look. Their haircut is so good people stop them on the street and ask where they get their hair done. They smell amazing. They are happy.
  4. The Retreat looks like an amazing home. The floors are clean, it smells good. Things are organized. Everything has a place. It looks so inviting that both the people and the pets want to stay. The Retreat is a relaxing, safe and amazing place to visit.